Affordable service plans for your electric gates

All of our gate automation installations come with a 12 month parts and labour warranty, however, many of our customers have asked us about extended warranties.

In response to this, we have introduced 2 levels of service contract for residential gates which are both practical and affordable.

Electric gate servicing

Regular servicing and maintenance ensures many years of reliable service and also helps prevent future problems arising.

In addition, the safety measures that have been installed on your automation will be fully retested to ensure that your electric gates remain as safe as the day they were fitted, in line with current HSE (Health & Safety Executive) & DHF (Door and Hardware Federation) recommendations.

  • Silver


  • What’s included in the annual service:


    • 29 point inspection / service
    • Force testing (standard BS EN 12445)
    • Records kept for 10 years






    *Conditions may apply

  • Gold


  • What’s included:


    • ALL of the benefits of the Silver plan (annual service)
    • +
    • Full parts and labour warranty for the duration of your contract
    • Includes wear and tear & breakdowns



    *Conditions apply


 Email:          Tel: | 01282 677301

Servicing FAQ

My electric gates were not installed by North Valley Forge so can you still service them?

The Silver service plan is available to anyone, however, even if the install is less than 12 months old we will have to perform our own risk assessment prior to completing any work.

If your installation falls below the current safety regulations (BS EN 12445) then we will advise as to what work needs to be completed before we can perform the first service for you.

I had gate automation fitted a long time ago, will there be any issues?

With any electric gate over 12 months old or an install which was not fitted by us, we need to carry out a full risk assessment on the equipment in advance.

Safety regulations have increased in recent years and your site must meet the current regulations before we can complete a service. If safety edges or photocells need adding or replacing, you will be advised of this and a quote given for the work.

Once the gate satisfies all regulations we can perform your annual services without the need to repeat this process.

When do you perform the 1st service?

If you have had your gates installed by us then your first service will be performed 1 year after your installation date. We will also extend your warranty to 2 years parts and labour on the silver plan.

If the gates were not installed by us, your first service will be straight away once the risk assessment is finalised.

How many times will you come out to us on the silver plan?

This is an annual service plan so we will come out to you once each year on an agreed date to perform the service.
If during the course of the year, you require someone to come out to you for additional maintenance or repair work then please give us a ring on 01282 677300 and we will do what we can to help you.

Will you add extra safety devices?

In some instances yes, we will need to add extra devices to your gate. This will all depend on the outcome of the risk assessment and you will be quoted for any work required to bring your gates up to current BS EN 12445 regulations.

This is work that will need to be carried out before we can perform the service.

A site risk assessment and additional safety devices will most commonly be needed on installations over 4 years old and also any gate that was not installed by North Valley Forge initially.

How will I know when you’re coming?

We will call you in advance and schedule a time and date that suits you best. If you need to cancel then please give us at least 48 hours’ notice.

GOLD Servicing FAQ

If I purchase the Gold plan, does that cover me for all breakdowns?

Yes. You never need to worry about your gates failing on the Gold plan. We will do everything needed to get your gates moving again by providing telephone support where appropriate and coming out to your site to carry out any repairs / replacements.

*The Gold plan is a full extended parts and labour warranty and is offered on North Valley Forge installs only.
**If your gate was not installed by North Valley Forge, we are unable to offer the extended warranty Gold plan but can service your gates for you with the Silver plan.

Which equipment is covered by the Gold service plan?

All the important things that keep your gates operating safely are covered by the plan:

  • Gate motors
  • Arms
  • Photocells
  • Control boards
  • Safety edges.


Associated cabling, remotes and intercoms are excluded from the warranty but if they do require maintenance, please advise us prior to call out as we may be able to arrange this for you.

What about wear and tear?

It’s only to be expected that over time, the moving parts in your equipment will require a little extra maintenance or even replacement.

As part of the Gold plan, we go beyond the normal warranty and will repair or replace any part which has caused a breakdown due to regular wear and tear.

Am I covered by the Gold Plan for accidental damage and acts of God?

Accidental damage, vandalism and acts of God are not covered by the Gold service plan.

If anything has happened to your gate automation that you need us to look at then please give us a call and we can give you a quotation for carrying out any work for you.

Commercial Electric Gate Servicing

Do you service commercial electric gates?

Yes, we do. Commercial gates often have far higher performance demands than a residential gate so we offer flexible plans based on your individual site requirements. Your service needs will be assessed prior to offering a contract to get the best option for you. Price is on application as needs will vary, please call us on 01282 677300 to discuss.

*Conditions – Installations must conform to current safety regulations. A full risk assessment and advice of any required work to bring your gate up to current standards will be undertaken prior to being able to offer a service contract.


Gold warranty does not cover accidental damage. This plan can only be carried out on North Valley Forge original installations.


Full terms & conditions will be provided to you in advance for you to agree. Please call 01282 677300 if you would like more information.