Electric Gates

Secure | Practical | Discreet

Electric gates can make your life easier as well as heightening your security.

Can you automate any gate?

Of course we can!


All of the gates we create here at North Valley Forge can be fully automated to make your driveway more secure and hassle free. You’ll never have to open your gates whilst standing in the rain again!


We work with world leading brands such as Chamberlain LiftMaster, BFT, FAAC, Beninca, HyDom, Videx, AES and Farfisa to offer a complete range of gate automation for any home or commercial property.


If you come to one of our showrooms, most of the gate displays have electric motors and a range of intercoms so we can show you what combination of systems might work best for your home or commercial property.

Electric Gate Installation

Although our base is in Lancashire, we are national installers of electric gates. From start to finish, our Gate Safe installers complete all works for you – a stunning, made to measure gate with fully operational automation and intercoms.


The process is straightforward and we have 30 years of experience in this field so there are no site specific issues we have not come across before.


Once your gates have been manufactured and your installation date has been set, we will come to your site and do any preparation work needed such as digging in foundation boxes or setting concrete pads for cantilever gates.


When the preparation work has been completed, we are ready to come to site complete with your gate for the full install. Depending on what you are having, this may take 1-2 days and electrical work may not be carried out on the same day.


Our electricians will perform all the safety tests and procedures and on completion, train you in the use of your gate and provide you with a handover pack.
For more information about gate safety in our installations please click here »

Types of Gate Automation

Underground Motors

Underground gate motors sit under the bottom corners of each gate leaf. They act as the bottom hinge and pivot from that point and are for use on swing gates.


If you have highly ornamental gates that you do not want to spoil the look of or just like the idea of having automated gates but do not want to see the motors then this is the best type of automation for you.


Once the motors have been housed in their underground boxes, the gates installed and the cover plates put in place you will barely notice these openers. These are the most aesthetically pleasing and discreet type of powered gate operator.

Above Ground Automation (gate mounted arms)

‘Gate mounted arms’ or ‘ram arms’ are motors which are attached between your gate post and the back of your gate. When the arm expands and contracts it pushes/pulls the gate in to the open and closed positions.


Arms can be either electromechanical or hydraulic – the size, type and weight of your gate will determine what kind of operator you need to have along with the position that the hinges are placed on your posts.


See below for more considerations when choosing the right operator.

Sliding & Cantilever

The same type of motor is used for both sliding and cantilever gates. They range in power and can be suitable for a normal residential driveway gate or a commercial gate requiring a large number of duty cycles per day.


The motor sits to one side of the gate and pushes and pulls the gates horizontally, the gate stops it’s cycle when it touches the gate stops at either side.


These are the easiest style of gate to automate though they do require extra consideration where safety is concerned …for more information about gate safety click here

Intercoms - GSM, Wireless, Video or Audio

From wired audio/ video intercoms, ground loops, timers and ‘push to exit buttons’ for simple entry and exit for your visitors, up to state of the art Wi-Fi versions with video calling to your smartphone, we can tailor make the system that best suits your requirements.


We supply and install equipment from some of the worlds’ top trusted brands such as AES, Videx and Daitem.

Closed pattern solid gates


Why does it matter if my gates are solid?


Wind resistance! Imagine walking in to the wind holding up a large board…it would be extremely difficult as the forces needed are far more than if the wind could pass through the gates.


If you have solid or closed pattern gates, you will require a heavy duty operator. There are both above and underground motors available for this kind of gate so we can still automate it for you but consideration must be taken in to account for the effect of wind resistance to keep your gates moving safely in any weather condition.

What Type of Electric Gate Kit will be fitted?

There are electric gate kits to suit every driveway. We will help you to determine what kit you need based on the main criteria below…

Commercial or residential driveway – Do you have a large palisade gate with heavy traffic or a regular iron driveway gate which will be opened a couple of times a day?

Width, weight and type of gate – The gate leaf size/ width of gate and its weight must fall within the operation guidelines for the equipment. Also, closed pattern/ solid gates will need something much more powerful than traditional iron gates.

Frequency of duty cycles required – Are there a lot of people needing to gain access per day? Is it a private home with minimal traffic?

Opening & closing speed – Do you live on a busy road and need your gates to open fast?

Extra features – Do you want to control your gates with your smartphone? Have extra remotes? Want your gates to open and close automatically at certain times?


Additional swing gate considerations:
Where the gate is hinged – If the hinges are to be in the centre or at the back of your posts or columns determines what type of openers can be attached to your gate.

Additional sliding gate considerations:
Extreme site conditions – Is your gate on a slope? Do you need a certain amount of ground clearance?

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