Frake Wood

What Makes It So Special?

We want your wooden gates to remain looking as stunning as the day they were fitted…

…this is just one of the reasons why we choose to exclusively use this superior exotic hardwood

Exotic Timber

Pronounced ‘Frack-E’, this species is native to West Africa. A thermal treatment transforms this timber in to a robust and beautiful cladding material which won’t warp or crack over time like alternatives do. Warm tones and a fine grain give this exceptional hardwood a perfect finish.

Premium Quality

Unlike the more common Oak and Cedar; Frake is a relatively knot free timber giving a consistent and smooth appearance¬†which with only a moderate amount of ongoing maintenance will retain it’s beauty, looking ‘as new’ for a longer period of time.

Sustainably Sourced

Frake was a previously unusable timber; however, the thermal treatment technology has made it a sophisticated and versatile timber. Better still, it is available in abundance as opposed to its over-sourced counterparts, making it better for forest sustainability.